Past Productions by Year

1994- 1995

BUGSY MALONE                            Barnfield Theatre, Exeter


A CHRISTMAS CAROL                   Barnfield Theatre, Exeter

1995- 1996

JOSEPH… DREAMCOAT                     Barnfield Theatre, Exeter


PIPPIN                                                    Barnfield Theatre, Exeter

1996- 1997

THE WIZ                                            Barnfield Theatre, Exeter


CABARET                                        St Luke's Theatre, Exeter

1997- 1998

ROMEO & JULIET                          St Luke’s Theatre, Exeter


CHILDREN OF EDEN                     Barnfield Theatre, Exeter


THE JUNGLE BOOK                      Stage Studios, Exeter

1998- 1999

GUYS & DOLLS                              St Luke’s Theatre, Exeter

HAIR                                                Stage Studios, Exeter

PIPPIN & CABARET                       Edinburgh Festival

CHILDREN OF EDEN                     Her Majesty's Theatre, London

ALICE IN WONDERLAND              Phoenix Theatre, Exeter

1999- 2000

ANYONE CAN WHISTLE                Phoenix Theatre, Exeter

JESUS CHRIST SUPERSTAR      Barnfield Theatre, Exeter


MORNING GLOW                             St George's Hall, Exeter


CHILDREN OF EDEN                     Northcott Theatre, Exeter

2000- 2001

LITTLE SHOP OF HORRORS     Barnfield Theatre, Exeter/ Edinburgh

BUGSY MALONE                           Barnfield Theatre, Exeter 

SWEENEY TODD                           Edinburgh Fringe


ALICE IN WONDERLAND            Edinburgh Fringe



TREASURE ISLAND                      Barnfield Theatre, Exeter

2001- 2002

JESUS CHRIST SUPERSTAR    Barnfield Theatre, Exeter

HERCULES                                  Barnfield Theatre, Exeter 

GODSPELL                                    Edinburgh Fringe


THE COMPANY OF WOLVES     Edinburgh Fringe


NODDY                                          Edinburgh Fringe


WEST SIDE STORY                     Northcott Theatre, Exeter


THE HONEY BEAR                      Barnfield Theatre, Exeter


JOSEPH... DREAMCOAT            Barnfield Theatre, Exeter  

2002- 2003

GODSPELL                                      Stage Studios, Exeter


MACBETH                                        Barnfield Theatre, Exeter


FAME                                                Barnfield Theatre, Exeter


LA BOHEME IN CONCERT             Stage Studios, Exeter


LITTLE SHOP OF HORRORS          Edinburgh Fringe


THE JUNGLE BOOK                        Edinburgh Fringe


OTHELLO                                         Schools Shakespeare Festival


WIZARDS WANTED                         Barnfield Theatre, Exeter

2003- 2004

SONGS FOR A NEW WORLD          Northcott Theatre, Exeter


LES MISERABLES                           St David's Church, Exeter


FANTASTIC MR FOX                        Barnfield Theatre, Exeter


BURP!                                                Barnfield Theatre, Exeter


CHRISTMAS IS CANCELLED          Barnfield Theatre, Exeter

2004- 2005

GODSPELL                                      St Luke's Theatre, Exeter


CAROUSEL                                      Barnfield Theatre, Exeter


MORNING GLOW 2                          St George's Hall, Exeter


A NEW BRAIN                                  Edinburgh Fringe


SONGS FOR A NEW WORLD         Edinburgh Fringe


ONCE ON THIS ISLAND                  Barnfield Theatre, Exeter


ANNIE                                               Northcott Theatre, Exeter

2005- 2006

SEUSSICAL                                     Barnfield Theatre, Exeter


THE MIRACLE                                 Theatre Royal, Plymouth


LITTLE SHOP OF HORRORS         Stage Studios, Exeter


THE WIZARD OF OZ                       Northcott Theatre, Exeter


VIGO THE VIKING                           Barnfield Theatre, Exeter

2006- 2007

D.N.A.                                                Theatre Royal, Plymouth


WE WILL ROCK YOU                       Barnfield Theatre, Exeter


UNDER MILK WOOD                       Stage Studios, Exeter


HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL                Barnfield Theatre, Exeter


PLEASE SAVES CHRISTMAS         Barnfield Theatre, Exeter

2007- 2008

FERRIS BUELLER'S DAY OFF         Stage Studios, Exeter


THE BOOK OF EVERYTHING          Theatre Royal,Plymouth


CHILDREN OF EDEN                        Barnfield Theatre, Exeter


JUST FOR LAUGHS                         Stage Studios, Exeter


THE KING & I                                     Northcott Theatre, Exeter

2008- 2009

WIND IN THE WILLOWS                  Stage Studios, Exeter


THE VIKINGS & DARWIN                 Theatre Royal Plymouth


OLIVER!                                             Barnfield Theatre, Exeter


SWEENEY TODD                              St David's Church, Exeter/ Edinburgh


ROBERTO ZUCCO                           Phoenix Theatre, Exeter


AMADEUS                                         Edinburgh Fringe


WAITING FOR GODOT                     Edinburgh Fringe


SEUSSICAL THE MUSICAL             Her Majesty's Theatre, London


THE LION, WITCH, WARDROBE    Northcott Theatre, Exeter

2009- 2010

REVOLTING RHYMES                      Corn Exchange, Exeter


MUCH ADO ABOUT NOTHING        Phoenix Theatre, Exeter


THE COMPANY OF WOLVES         Stage Studios, Exeter


JESUS CHRIST SUPERSTAR         Edinburgh Fringe


SEUSSICAL                                      Edinburgh Fringe


MOTHER COURAGE                       Edinburgh Fringe


THUMBELINA                                   Edinburgh Fringe


THE CHRISTMAS CRACKER          Stage Studios, Exeter


MUCH ADO ABOUT NOTHING        Phoenix Theatre, Exeter

2010- 2011

FRANK & FERDINAND                 Old Vic Theatre, Bristol


AUTUMN LEAVES                         Stage Studios, Exeter


BEAUTY & THE BEAST                Northcott Theatre, Exeter

2011- 2012

SUMMER NIGHTS DREAM               Corn Exchange, Exeter


THE PIRATES OF PENZANCE         Corn Exchange, Exeter


GODSPELL                                        Edinburgh Festival


THE TEMPEST                                  Stage Studios, Exeter


AUTUMN SIZZLER                            Stage Studios, Exeter

2012- 2013

NIGHTMARE!                                  Corn Exchange, Exeter

CHATROOM                                    Bikeshed Theatre, Exeter 


LITTLE SHOP OF HORRORS        Edinburgh Fringe


ANNIE                                              Northcott Theatre, Exeter

THE ROARING TWENTIES            Stage Studios, Exeter


2013 - 2014

WINNIE                                          Stage Studios, Exeter    

PRONOUN                                     Theatre Royal, Plymouth


LES MISERABLES                        Northcott Theatre, Exeter    

CANDIDE                                       Edinburgh Fringe

SHE LOVES ME                             Edinburgh Fringe
THE SNOW QUEEN                      Stage Studios, Exeter

2014 - 2015

HERCULES                                        Stage Studios, Exeter


BERLIN                                             Stage Studios, Exeter


CANDIDE                                           Exmouth Drama Festival


THE LITTLE MERMAID                     Brewhouse Theatre, Taunton


GREASE                                            Northcott Theatre, Exeter

2015 - 2016

DAHL!                                           Corn Exchange, Exeter


CHALK CIRCLE                               Shaftesbury Theatre, Dawlish


COUNTING                                       Exmouth Drama Festival


TALES OF BEATRIX POTTER         Corn Exchange, Exeter


SPAMALOT                                      Northcott Theatre, Exeter


WIND IN THE WILLOWS                  Stage Studios, Exeter

2016 - 2017

COMEDY OF ERRORS                    Edinburgh Festival                             


21 C                                                  Barnfield Theatre, Exeter


STARLIGHT EXPRESS                    Corn Exchange, Exeter


THE TEMPEST                                 Shaftesbury Theatre, Dawlish


THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA    Barnfield Theatre, Exeter


THE LITTLE MERMAID                    Barnfield Theatre, Exeter



2017 - 2018

COMEDY OF ERRORS                    Shaftesbury Theatre, Dawlish                      


MUSICAL COMEDY                         Barnfield Theatre, Exeter


GOTHIKA                                          New Studios, Exeter


THE WIZARD OF OZ                        Barnfield Theatre, Exeter



2018 - 2019

LIAR LIAR                                        Shaftesbury Theatre, Dawlish                     


                                                          & Exeter Fringe Festival


CHILDREN OF EDEN                      Corn Exchange, Exeter


BUGSY MALONE                             Corn Exchange, Exeter


2021 - 2022

GRIMM TALES                                 Orchard Open Air Theatre, Teign Valley    


THE HOBBIT                                    Orchard Open Air Theatre, Teign Valley